Alex Hyett
Alex Hyett
CEO and Founder of GrowRecruit

Simplifying Recruitment

Lets face it, recruiting talented staff is tough! The majority of talented candidates aren’t looking for a new job. The ones that are, just don’t seem to have the right skills. You want the best developers, the best managers, the best sales people and so does everybody else.

So you shoot messages out in the dark in the hope that some will come back. You reach out to your ideal candidates knowing that they either won’t respond or aren’t looking for a job at the moment. If you get a response, chances are they aren’t interested but might be in 6 months. You then have to remember to keep track of who was interested and remember to contact them again in the future.

The result, an unmanageable inbox full of messages to candidates who never respond, your calendar full of phone screenings and interviews and everything spread across half a dozen apps and spreadsheets making it a nightmare to keep track of. With so many tasks to keep on track of, eventually something will get missed. An interview not scheduled, a follow up email not sent, a decision not made. All the effort gone in to nurturing that candidate is lost.

We know your pain, we have been there ourselves. So instead of complaining, we are trying to do something about it. Trying to simplify recruitment. Out of this frustration GrowRecruit was born, an effort to try and streamline the recruitment process and save headaches.

This isn’t a new problem, there are dozens of different ATS software available and we have tried quite a few. The problem is most of them are either too complicated or too restrictive.

These are the main issues we have found:

1. Too much configuration needed before you can add candidates

Sometimes you just want to add an interesting candidate to look at later. However, most solutions require you to create a talent pool or job as a general pool using up one of available talent pools. With GrowRecruit you can add unlimited candidates without having to use up your talent pools.

2. Expensive per user pricing

Recruiting should be a team effort but that is difficult when licenses cost over £100 per user. With GrowRecruit we have added in multiple users to each of our plans so we can grow with you.

3. Too much manual input

Half the problem with the solutions out there is they require you to enter candidates in manually which often outweighs the benefits the solution provides. We have added a Chrome Browser extension so that it picks up all the relevant details from the page to save you having to type it all out.

4. Bad User Experience

It isn’t enough just to provide good features you also need to provide a great user experience. Not only should the solution look great it should work great too. We have gone to great lengths to make sure that GrowRecruit is a pleasure to use.

GrowRecruit is committed to making recruitment easier for you and for that we want to hear from you.

What frustrations do you have with your current solution?

What features would you love see but can never find from other products?

Answer in the comments or email