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Alex Hyett
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4 Essential Recruitment Marketing Tips for Hiring Developers

It’s getting harder and harder to hire good candidates. Especially when the bests ones aren’t looking for a job. So how do you attract candidates even when they aren’t looking for work? Exactly the same way you get customers to see your product or service, through marketing! Here are 6 essential recruitment marketing tips to get you started.

1. Create amazing content that attracts the ideal candidate

Funnily enough, the best candidates, the ones who you would love to work at your company, aren’t spending their days looking at LinkedIn or browsing your career site.

Instead, they are working and delivering amazing results for another company. If you want to attract them to your site you need to write content, that they are likely to read.

I have seen this work especially well in the technology sector but it can work well in other areas too.

Software developers are a great example, they tend to read a lot of blogs and other sites and are constantly trying to improve themselves (at least the good ones are!).

If you have a big enough tech team why not get them to put a blog together showcasing all the amazing things your team are working on. Developers are naturally inquisitive and love reading about what tech companies are using, how the team solved certain problems.

Here are some great examples of other teams tech blogs to give you an idea:

What these blogs do well is go in-depth into the technical details of their system. It shows that the employees there know their stuff and gives a glimpse to future candidates what cool tech they might get to work on.

2. Promote your employer brand

As the saying goes:

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

If you are going to be spending 8 hours a day doing something, it better be something you enjoy doing otherwise you are wasting your life away.

People want to work in a nice environment with friendly co-workers and nice company perks. Why not show them what they are missing on your company website?

Do you have a nice office? Show that off in photos so people can see how nice it is to work there. Again JustEat has done a great job at this:

Great photos of the office and lots of happy staff.

3. Advertise in the right places

The ideal candidates aren’t just going to stumble into your lap. If you can’t get them on to your site through content marketing, then why not try going to places where you know they will be. This doesn’t just have to be online but offline as well.

For hiring developers you would be better off putting a job posting on rather than LinkedIn. Another favourite among marketers is Facebook Ads.

Everyone is on Facebook, and they also have a fair amount of personal data on there that you can use to target. For just £20 you can reach thousands of potential candidates. You can even post jobs straight on your Facebook page.

Or why not try reddit? There are sub channels for every sector such as

Not everything can be done online though. If you really want to talk to potential candidates why not attend a Meetup. There are loads of Meetups happening all the time but people aren’t there to be poached, they are there to learn something so you would be better off mentioning you company in passing than handing out contact forms.

4. Have them knocking down the door

You might not be able to grab contact details if you are attending a Meetup but the rules are completely different if you are the one hosting it. Grab an email address at the door and then you have loads of potential candidates to contact.

If your tech team can pull off an interesting presentation it can be a great way to show off your office and get people interested in your company.

Essential Recruitment Marketing Tips

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