Alex Hyett
Alex Hyett
CEO and Founder of GrowRecruit

Announcing: Email integration with Gmail

People seem to have a love-hate relationship with email. Recruiters hate it because it is a pain to keep track of and manage. Candidates hate it because it seems to come at the most inopportune times.

However, the fact remains that email is here to stay. You may have embraced Slack or Skype at your company but even with all that, no one can dethrone email as the primary communication system.

Email seems to be one of those mediums that is impossible to ignore. There might be 20 messages in your company Slack channel or 50 tweets on Twitter you haven’t read but most people are happy to let those go. However, 1 unread email in YOUR inbox needs action. Whether that action is just to delete it, it can’t be ignored.

As they say, if you can’t fight them, join them. Here at GrowRecruit, we have decided to embrace email even with all of its flaws.

Sourcing Emails

GrowRecruit Chrome Extension

To be able to email candidates you need a way of efficiently collecting email addresses when you find them. However, websites don’t always make it easy to find.

LinkedIn, for example, hides the email address under the “See contact info” link.

With the GrowRecruit sourcing extension, you can easily pick up candidate details from the most popular sites, even if behind a popup. So you never miss out on getting the candidates details.

When Email isn’t the only option the extension will even grab social profiles and personal websites. Easily add them to job your existing talent pools and jobs. It couldn’t be simpler.

Managing Email

Trying to keep track of what emails your team has sent to a candidate can be a nightmare. What if your colleague is off sick? Do you know if they managed to send out that offer before they left?

Read Email

All your email is now in one place. You can easily read and send emails to your candidates and see what your teammates have sent them. All attachments are automatically downloaded and added in with the candidate files.

Never let a candidate slip through your fingers by not responding promptly enough.

Send Email

Simplified email is just the beginning of what GrowRecruit can do for your business. Why not check out the other features and see what we can do for you.