Alex Hyett
Alex Hyett
CEO and Founder of GrowRecruit

Announcing: Integrated Email Inbox

Email is a big part of our lives and there really is no getting around that. As a recruiter it can seem like you spend more time in your inbox then you do searching for prospective candidates.

If you are anything like me you are likely to have a whole bunch of emails from other people that aren’t even part of your recruitment process. What if you could have an inbox that only contained emails from candidates? No more searching through lots of emails to try and find those relating to candidates.

Now, what if that inbox contained all the emails sent from your team to candidates as well? That is what we have done with the new Inbox feature in GrowRecruit.

Inbox Feature

We realised that having access to candidate emails in the profiles is one thing but being able to access all of them in one place is much better.

Need to access their profile as well, no problem just click on their name and their profile will load up.

Think this feature could be improved? Let us know at