Alex Hyett
Alex Hyett
CEO and Founder of GrowRecruit

11 Amazing Free Recruitment Tools You Need To See

They say you are only as good as your tools but recruitment software tends to be expensive. However, there are a great number of free recruitment tools available to help you find great talent.

At GrowRecruit we believe that recruitment software should be available for everyone which is why our ATS plans start at only £9 per month.

So let’s look at what you can do with these 20 free tools.

1. EmailExtractor

Email Extractor

LinkedIn isn’t always the best way to contact candidates. Many people don’t even look at LinkedIn. However, send them an email and you are more likely to get a response. The Email Extractor Chrome Extension will parse out any email addresses on a web page and convert them into a CSV list.

2. FollowerWonk


More and more recruiting is done on social media. The problem is finding relevant people to connect to. This is where FollowerWonk comes in. FollowerWonk allows you to easily search through profiles, find influencers, analyse your followers and find out what activities are giving you the most exposure.

3. 360Social


Trying to find out more about a potential candidate? 360Social finds all of a person’s social profiles and contact information so you can find more about them. It comes in a handy Chrome extension so you can easily find information about candidates without leaving the page.

4. Recruit’em


Recruit’em is a bit different to other tools on this list. It gives you Google superpowers to find candidates by giving you the exact keywords to use to find profiles in Google.

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator by LinkedIn gives you the knowledge of LinkedIn and applies it to your inbox. With Sales Navigator, you can easily bring up candidate information while writing them an email.

6. Crystal


Crystal provides personality assessments and predictions to help you engage with candidates. The unique software uses AI to come up with predictions on the best way to talk to them.

7. Gender Decoder

Gender Decoder This unique tool is a must use if you are writing job adverts. Wondering why you can’t get more women applying for your jobs? It might be the language you are using. Gender Decoder works out if your job advert is discouraging a particular gender.

8. Email Checker

Email Checker

It is all very well using a tool like Email Extractor to find email addresses but you will be surprised by the number of addresses that don’t actually work. You can use Email Checker to find out if there is a mailbox on the other end and save you writing an email that is just going to bounce.

9. Broadlook Contact Capture

Contact Capture

Contact Capture is a Windows tool similar to Email Extractor but it also works with documents and spreadsheets as well. Got a load of CV attachments? You can use Contact Capture to extract the email address to put into your mail program.

10. LinkedIn Xray Search Tools

Recruitment Geeks Xray search tool uses Google to try and find candidates from LinkedIn. Similar to Recruit’em except all the data is shown on the same page.

11. Gorgias Templates

Gorgias Templates

When you are reaching out to candidates you will often find yourself writing the same thing over and over again. Increase your productivity by creating email templates that you can use again and again.


Even if you are an independent recruiter there are still a bunch of tools available to help you find candidates and improve your workflow. There are still some tools you have to pay for but it doesn’t need to cost the earth.

At GrowRecruit we have created an ATS that only costs £9 a month for 5 users, compare that to the competition and you could easily pay £200 a month for the same features.