Unfortunately GrowRecruit is no longer active but thank you for all of you that tried our application.

All the Features You Need

Whether your a head hunter on a mission, a recruitment agency hiring for multiple clietns or a large corporate business trying to find new talent we have the features you need to make your recruitment initiative a success

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Candidate Management

Drag and Drop Pipeline

Drag and Drop Pipeline

Managing your candidates has never been so easy with our drag and drop pipeline.

Create your own custom pipelines for each job to match your recruitment process. Add in a phone interview? No problem. Two stage technical test. Done.

With GrowRecruit your team have a clear visual pipeline of where your candidates are in the recruitment process.

Talent Pools

Your ideal candidate is likely already taken. However, that doesn't mean all is lost.

Add potential candidates to your talent pools so you can stay in contact and know where they are when the time is right.

You can even add candidates to multiple talent pools.

Talent Pools
Detailed Candidate Profile

Detailed Candidate Profiles

To hire effectively you need to have the right information at your fingertips.

With our simple interface, everything from contact details, social profiles, team notes and files are easily accessible.

Keep all your candidate files in one place with unlimted uploads.

Intelligent CV Parsing

Are you spending more time on data entry than you are hiring?

With our intelligent CV parsing system you can give your fingers a rest and allow us to read important details from your candidates CV.

Either add candidates by uploading a CV or parse the CV already on your candidate profile.

Then easily pick and choose the details you want to update.

Intelligent CV Parsing
Search & Filter Candidates

Once you have hundreds of candidates in your database, finding the right one can be a chore.

With GrowRecruit you can easily find candidates using our simple search and filter system.

Add tags to help find candidates or filter down your selection by rating, application status, job or talent pool.

Candidate Sourcing

Career Site Mobile

Career Site

Have your candidates apply directly to your open positions with our custom career sites.

Every page is designed to be mobile friendly with fast response times, so you don't lose candidates by having a slow website.

With our WYSIWYG editor you can make your job descriptions look just how you want them.

Add your company logo so the site matches your branding.

Easy Sourcing with our Chrome Extension

With GrowRecruit adding candidates to your talent pools couldn't be easier.

Our Chrome Extension reads all the important candidate information straight from the page so you cna import candidates with just one click.

Our Chrome extension works well with the sites you use the most such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and GitHub.

GrowRecruit Chrome Extension
Client Management

Simple Client Management for Agencies

Are you a small agency hiring for companies or independent headhunter find great talent for your clients?

With our simple client management assigning jobs to clients is easy and keeps you organised.

The client isn't shown on your career site so you can advertise positions without reavealing the client to candidates.

Team Collaboration

Candidate Notes

Share Notes and Files with Your Team

Add notes to candidates and share information with your team.

Whether it is interview feedback, progress updates or start dates, notes are a great place to add messages for your team to see.

Need to upload a CV or application form? No problem with GrowRecruit there are unlimited uploads on all our plans, so your team will have access to what they need everytime.

Had a great interview with a candidate? Get your team members to add a star rating.

Don't worry about expensive user costs. Add as many users as you like with no extra costs.

Email Integration

Send emails to candidates directly from their profiles.

One of your team on holiday? No problem, you can view all your team's correspondance with candidates in one place.

Send rich text emails, attachments all within GrowRecruit so you don't have to keep switching tabs.

Only emails from candidates are imported so you won't see any of the noise you have in your inbox.

Candidate Emails


GDPR Features

GDPR Compliance

Hiring Candidates in the EU? No problem. Our GDPR features have you covered.

Customise your GDPR consent form to send to candidates and have their consent automatically updated in the system. Let candidates update their personal information.

Easily filter candidates by their consent status and send consent emails straight from the candidate profile. Clearly see when a candidate has granted consent or not.

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Activity Log

Need to know who changed candidate information? With GrowRecruit we keep a detailed activity log of all the changes made to candidate profiles.

Accidently deleted a candidate email address? Don't worry just look in the activity log to see what it was set to before.

Activity Log


We take security very seriously at GrowRecruit. For data processing, we use Amazon Web Services and store all data within the EU (Ireland) on highly encrypted servers.

The data belongs to you, we never sell or use candidate data or any other information we collect. You can import and export candidate data from settings or contact us by email if you would like a complete extract.